I swear… if another spitting venom thingamajobby kills me I will freak right out. Trying to kill this level 30 furbolg with a bunch of level 27-28 body guards is one thing… (I’m only level 27 myself) but for those fricking spiders to come wandering around and then… (of all the nerve!) to spit on me?!? Oh my cat form would smash that smug grin right off their green little faces.

Alas, I’ve probably died two dozen times tonight. Thank God this isn’t EverQuest… if it was, I’d probably be down to level 25 by now. But this undead travel time sucks.

Still haven’t got that stupid furbolg chief I need to get to finish my stinking quest, but I’ve had just about enough. Time to work on my leather working skills I think.

Good game, but damn frustrating sometimes. I guess I’ll watch Super Nanny with the wife (man there are some ultra stupid parents out there. I think I’d slit my wrists if my wife was half as crappy as some of the wives on this show.

Can you tell those spiders have got me in a mood?

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