Haven’t posted in this section for a bit… but I have to admit that ever since I gave World of Warcaft a go, I haven’t missed EverQuest or EverQuest2 at all. WoW gives me all the MMoRPG junkiness I need and although I don’t have time to play it as much as I would like, I’m finding it worlds better than EverQuest2.

Point in fact: My daughter (4 years old next month) has her own WoW account. Unheard of? Probably. She likes to play “barbie” with her characters… ticks me off when she plays mine (she’s insisting on her druid being able to shapeshift into a bear like mine, so I’ve been working her account while she goofs off on mine). Drives me nuts when my hotkeys are re-assigned and my druid is jumping naked on the beach like an idiot. Oh well.

And the real kicker is I can play on my mac… which looks much better than on Windows. Oh love of my life, why didn’t I pick you up before?

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