My main Fedora workstation is an HP desktop. It’s got a Core i7 quad CPU (Q9300), 8GB RAM, and dual boots Windows 7 and Fedora 13.

Dear lazyweb, how can I make this system as quite on Fedora as it is on Windows? It’s absolutely silent when Win7 is running, but when Fedora is running the fans are quite noisy. Most of the time the system has a load average of 0.00 so it isn’t CPU spiking causing the fans to go full-bore. For temperatures I have Core0 at about 51C and Core1 at 44C and the other two cores at 48C, but the fans are running at 1583 and 1160 rpm. I can’t get the sensors to pick up temps or fan speeds on Win7 for some reason so don’t have a basis for comparison (tried a few of those “gadgets” and none show me temperatures).

There has to be a way to lower the fan speed on Fedora but I can’t find it. I tried fancontrol from lm_sensors but it complains about not being able to manually set the fans and there’s nothing I can see in the BIOS that’s even remotely relevant.

Am I doomed to a noisy Fedora box? Or is there a way I can make this thing quieter short of buying new fans? (The latter is an option I suppose, but if Win7 can run perfectly silent, then I’m of the frame of mind that Fedora should too). Running an up to date F13 (wheeee!!). Thanks for any suggestions.

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