This week’s techmail is FreeBSD 8.0 installation walk-through where I take a look at a quick install of FreeBSD 8.0. I’ve toyed with FreeBSD for many years and it’s never really appealed to me beyond a curiosity because Linux is so capable. I’ve also gotten used to (or spoiled by, perhaps) the GNU command line tools and the BSD equivalents for a lot of things just seem… dated. Anyways, every major FreeBSD release that comes out I like to fiddle with a little bit just to see what’s going on, and every time I’m always amazed that they have the exact same installer. =) If you’ve never played with FreeBSD or any BSD system (excluding OS X) and you like to tinker, FreeBSD is pretty fun to goof around with (probably plenty fun to use as well, but I don’t see a personal need for that when Linux does what I want for the most part, and OS X does what I want for the rest).

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