Well, after some mucking around, I finally got FreeNX to work on Mandriva 2006/x86_64. The problem was the 64bit version didn’t work very well. And the commercial NX server, although it says it’s for i386 and amd64, also has a lot of unresolved dependencies due to it, well, being compiled for 32bit.

The solution was to grab packages from the 32bit Mandriva. I installed libxcomp1, libxcompext1, libnxX11_0, nxagent, nxproxy, libopenssl0.9.7, nxviewer, nxdesktop, and freenx from the 32bit contribs and then proceeded with the normal setup. Now it works fine and oh wow, does it ever work great.

So now I can tuck the vmware host machine into my rack and use FreeNX to connect to it on my G5, getting rid of another box and monitor from my office and a KVM switch for my keyboard/mouse. Very very nice!

The trick, then, if you want to use FreeNX on a 64bit distro (or, at least, Mandriva) is grab the 32bit packages and supporting libs (in this case libopenssl0.9.7, libxcompext1, and libxcomp1) and it works just peachy. Much nicer than VNC, and much faster too. And vmware doesn’t give me fits! =)

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