Well, yesterday was pretty nice considering it’s nearing the end of January.. had a high of about -2C. Today.. drastic difference. Woke up and the thermometer read -15C and it was blizzard-like conditions… not heavy snow, but a pretty brisk wind. Currently it’s -24C, but with the windchill, it feels like -40C outside. And it’s not supposed to get better anytime soon (at least till Wed is the forecast right now).

Still snowing, and have been outside to shovel snow about 6 times already today just to keep on top of it. Sucks when you’re outside, exerting yourself, for about 10 minutes and while the rest of you feels ok, your fingertips hurt (and I mean hurt), and your face is frozen solid.

It’s days like today that make me extremely grateful that I work at home. The roads are crap, I’ve seen cars up on sidewalks due to the icy roads, etc. I’m quite glad I don’t have to go out in that unless it’s an emergency. I feel sorry for those that do have to (like my wife tomorrow.. sorry hun, Jade and I will stay nice and cozy playing games or something while you’re freezing your buns off!)

Oh, and I thought about taking pictures to “show off” to my co-workers in Brazil, but I can’t work the camera with double-layer gloves on. =)

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