A friend of mine has moved his domains over to Google mail, which can now do full domain support for email amongst their other appliances. Standard edition is free, but the premier edition is fairly pricy ($50USD per year per email account). So I signed up for the standard edition for the linsec.ca domain and it seems pretty straightforward. The only catch is the “mailing list” support seems extremely rudimentary… i.e. 100% manual.

Does anyone use this domain-management feature in Google? Does the premier edition handle real mailing lists, like mailman or something? Without the mailing list support, is pretty much useless (sure, I have only one mailing list on linsec.ca, but if I’m going to move to this Google domains thingy, then I’d want to move annvix.org as well to be able to completely “outsource” the remaining email bits I’m running here… and annvix.org handles quite a few mailing lists).

And I don’t want to do something like have Google manage linsec.ca, and run the lists on “lists.linsec.ca” or something equally silly, because then there simply isn’t any point to using Google at all.

Anyone know?

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