Has anyone encountered this, or more specifically, know how to fix it?

I’m using gmail to host my linsec.ca mail, and accessing it via POP3 (fetchmail->procmail->mutt). When I send mail out, I send it out via gmail’s SMTP server. The problem is that I never see what I wrote. If I send a message to a mailing list, I see replies to it, other messages, etc. but I have yet to actually see the message I wrote to the list. I’ve poked around in the gmail settings but don’t see anything relevant. When I was hosting stuff myself, I obviously got my messages so this isn’t a list setting… this is on all the lists I’m on. It’s quite frustrating as I’d like to get a copy back of the messages I send as I often have the (bad) habit of replying to myself.

Has anyone come across this and figured out how to tell gmail to stop doing whatever it’s doing with those messages? It would be ok if they even showed up in my spam folder, but I’m not seeing them at all and it’s now truly starting to bug me.

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