If you’ve ever wondered exactly who it is that Microsoft is catering their operating system, wonder no further. For those of who have bought Vista and haven’t been able to figure out how to open the box, I have the answer for you. Don’t feel bad if you’ve had Vista sitting on the shelf, cursing the fact that you’ve had to use XP because you were too incompetent to figure out how to open the box… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Apparently Microsoft has determined that their users are complete morons, or they have received enough phone questions with the burning question: Just exactly how am I supposed to open this dang box?!?

The answer, my friends, is a click away on Microsoft’s Windows Help and How-to site: Opening the Windows Vista box. For those of you who need this sort of help, you have my permission to cry now. For those fortunate enough to not have to lay eyes on the Vista OS itself, or the incredibly difficult-to-open box it comes in, you may now grab a beer and rejoice.

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