Well, when my previous TechMail editor Sonja Thompson asked me to do an interview for TechRepublic a week or so ago, I was up for the gig but little did I realize until yesterday that it was for a podcast. I suppose if I had known that I would have made sure I wasn’t doing some heavy yard work to kill time before she phoned so I wouldn’t sound out of breath on the silly thing. Oh well.

Anyways, my interview is up on TechRepublic now and it’s 10 minutes and discusses pretty much me. =) And some Linux stuff of course… one of her questions was what made Linux hard to use or something (it was hard to hear her during the interview as I kept hearing myself as an echo which was really odd). Kinda fun to do tho. Anyways, if you want to know what I would think of Windows if I was stuck on a desert island with it and what my hobbies are or what my most gratifying thing in IT to-date is, then check out the podcast interview:


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