Last month I got Kerberos working quite nicely on my macs, thank-you-very-much. This week Apple wrecked it by making Kerberos an absolute nuisance. It wasn’t bad in OS X 10.5.. a bit annoying to setup but the tools were adequate. In 10.6 they threw away the half-decent GUI and gave us a crap dummied-up GUI which means whenever I need to kinit, I have to open a Terminal. More importantly, whenever my wife has to kinit, she has to open a Terminal.

Not a big thing for me as Terminal is always open… but for her? She’s never opened it once.

Apple… what were you thinking? Kerberos is an absolute PITA now and not nearly as convenient as it could/should be. Certainly nothing like Kerberos support on my Fedora workstations.

There’s plenty to like about Snow Leopard, but when I went through the effort of getting Kerberos working last month, using it on the mac was a joy. Now? Well… all those companies and schools that use kerberos are really going to be thinking twice about upgrading until this gets worked out or someone writes a good app to handle it. I mean, really… how hard is it to have something in the menu bar that you can click on to renew your ticket or get one in the first place? Not so hard (well, for me it would be, but not for someone who knows how to write these little apps). I’m also not the only person to feel this way.


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