Missed two mac-related techmails from the previous weeks. The first is Learn to use the improved Snow Leopard Services menu which talks about the OS X 10.6 much overhauled services menu and some of the cool things you can do with it such as making your own Automator actions that hook into the service, enabling and disabling services to keep your services menu clutter-free and pertinent to how you work.

The second is Regaining Kerberos support in OS X 10.6 for Single-Sign On authentication which talks about kerberos and OS X 10.6 and how Apple butchered it (compared to how it worked in 10.5) and how you can work around some of the limitations. Keep in mind this tip was written a while ago, so there is updated info in the comments of a previous blog post (Kerberos Support in 10.6 is a Huge Step Backward).

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