Well, that cat is out of the bag now (finally). As noted here:


I am leaving Mandriva after almost 9 years. And I quote:

After nearly 9 years, Vincent Danen will be leaving Mandriva at the end of this month. Again we would like to thank him for his commitment and endeavour whilst at Mandriva. We wish him every success in his future activities. As he said himself, he was also largely “a pain in the developers’ collective backsides with his push for better security in the Mandriva products” and added that we may have forgiven him “because his heart was in the right place” :).

“I have worked for Mandrakesoft/Mandriva since mid-2000. I was responsible for security updates for all released Mandriva products, and coordinated the release of all bugfix and enhancement updates as well. In addition, I tried to be creative and have initiative outside the scope of my “day-to-day” work and setup the old MandrakeSecure web site (a collection of security-related articles), the migration from Warlyzilla to Bugzilla 3.x, the migration from Twiki to MediaWiki and the merger of both official and community wiki’s into one single comprehensive community-driven-yet-official wiki. I also fondly remember many tussles with the other guys in R&D over security and security-related practices that made for interesting and aggressive conversations. =) Linux-Mandrake was one of the first distributions I used seriously, and Mandriva is still my favorite. I will always have a soft spot for it, and fond memories of my co-workers and friends, and the community Mandriva is blessed to have.” said Vincent.

This departure will not leave empty chair, as security is something essential for distribution. We would like to thank oden Eriksson who will be in charge of security team. Welcome back Oden!

Not much more to say than that. I am, actually, extremely happy with how this worked out (Oden coming back). I think it’s fantastic that my leaving makes way for Oden to come back. The only thing I’d like to add is that I’m leaving on my own terms… I have not been laid off (again). So this one actually is a good thing (well, maybe not so good for Mandriva, but…). Anyways, to make a long story short… I’ll still be doing security work, and open source stuff, but with a different company. I’ll be wearing a different hat, so to speak. I’ll leave it to the enlightened to figure out what that means. =)

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