I’ve got a lot of trees in my backyard… specifically, about 6 really huge pine trees that I’d love to get rid of. Unfortunately, do to how they are and how the layout of my place is, I can’t pull them down easily… either they’ll go into power lines or the neighbour’s garage. So to hire someone to do it would cost me about \(300-\)400/tree which is more than I want to spend.

Instead, for the last two weeks on and off I’ve been working back there. Started off trimming about 6-7’ in height of the bottom branches so that you can get under there without a face full of pine needles which really opened up the yard. Since nothing but weeds will ever grow under there, I decided to dump rock under it and Jayden (my daughter) chose this two-inch limestone. Very nice rock. Unfortunately, I needed 162 cubic feet to cover it all. And since a dump truck can’t reasonably get back there, I had it dumped in the driveway back there, removed part of the chain link fence, and used a wheelbarrow and a lot of muscle to move all that rock. I think the results are really good tho and we don’t need to get rid of the trees now. =)

I’ve put the pictures up on Flickr so you can take a look at them if you’re interested. There are before and after pictures.

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