The news is out and any OS X-using developers out there are probably aware that BareBones provided a new major update of BBEdit today. I downloaded it and was playing around with it (this is a paid upgrade so I’ve got some time to evaluate it although the upgrade cost is only $30) when I starting looking at the Codeless Language Modules. I wanted to add RPM spec syntax support to BBEdit quite some time ago and had (wrongly) thought I needed to pull out XCode and actually code something. I’m far too lazy for that.

But, I downloaded the SDK again today and found these Codeless Language Modules which are just plist files (or XML documents) that tell BBEdit what to highlight and what not to, etc. BBEdit doesn’t have overly sophisticated highlighting anyways (come on, can’t we have more than four colors?), but I like a lot of what BBEdit can do and while I normally use joe or vim, sometimes it’s easier to whiz my way around a document with my scroll wheel.

So, tonight I made a “CLM” for the RPM spec syntax. Not sure how many people using OS X are also using it to edit .spec files, but since BBEdit can do remote edits via FTP/SFTP I figured what the heck, I’d give it a go. As an aside, I’ve also found some CLM’s for Mutt’s configuration files, Exim’s config, and Apache’s config. For other stuff as well, like LUA and whatnot, but there was nothing else I was really interested in. For anyone out there who’s interested, here’s my Google search where I found the other modules from.

Anyone interested in my BBEdit CLM for RPM spec files can download it via the Annvix subversion repository.

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