Well, it’s been over a week since I got my wisdom teeth yanked (last Wed, the 13th). That was just about the most fun I’ve ever had. First off they put me completely out (and I’ve never been under anisthetic before) which was… wierd. I didn’t have any real reaction to it like some people I’ve heard of (or even my daughter when she got put under for some dental work at 2 years old; she came out of screaming and kicking). So that was ok, but I came out looking like a fat Vincent with a skinny Vincent’s body. My face was probably 2x it’s normal size… it was really swollen. And they pumped me so full of freezing that it was about 12hrs before the freezing was fully out of my tongue and about 18hrs before my face wasn’t frozen at all anymore.

Needless to say, between a severely swollen face and some pretty good painkillers, I didn’t get much done last Wed/Thurs and was able to do some stuff by Friday without falling asleep. This week has been pretty good, except I think I’ve developed a sinus infection so I’m on some stronger antibiotics now.

I ended up getting all four wisdom teeth pulled; the two on the bottom were exposed and getting cavities; the two up top were not coming out of the gums, but were quite high up and one of them was even into the sinus cavity (so they ended up doing a graft of some skin from my cheek (the inside, of course) to “plug” the whole they made pulling the tooth out. Oh, and I actually had two more small teeth growing either on or near the two top wisdom teeth so technically I had six wisdom teeth.

Wierd. Anyways, feeling pretty good now, which is nice… =)

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