I’ve spent the entire day yesterday and another day last week working on migrating the current Mandriva bugzilla 3.0.5 to the new 3.2rc1. You won’t see it anywhere official until 2009.0 is released most likely, but having (some) spare time, I wouldn’t to put it through the paces in a vmware machine to make sure I can document everything that needs doing and minimize downtime when it comes time to do the actual upgrade.

So far it’s looking pretty good and has some really nice features to it. Due to the heavy changes in the templates, the templates look more stock now than they did before, which actually manages to clean up a lot of the interface and remove duplicate information. I also took the opportunity to style it as best I can to respect user font sizing. The look has changed a little bit along the way as I had to redo all the theming from scratch.

Anyways, for anyone interested in taking a peek at it or playing around with it a bit before it goes live, you can do so at bugzilla.annvix.ca. It’s a snapshot of the Mandriva database from a week ago (more or less), and uses the same authentication, etc. as the Mandriva bugzilla. To prevent confusion, I’ve turned postfix off so mail notifications aren’t being sent.

All-in-all, the upgrade should go fairly smoothly and result in downtime of an hour or two, when it happens. It could probably be implemented now, but I’d rather wait until 2009.0 is released and things have settled down, so consider this a preview until such a time as it does get moved over. Any suggestions or whatever are also welcome.

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