After a few really long weeks, bugzilla is finally live. It’s about bloody time. Of course, now that it’s live, there are even more requests to do stuff.

Oh well. Par for the course I guess. However, I’m seriously considering taking the next two days off to recover some of my personal time that was spent doing this thing over the last 2-3 weeks.

It’s fast, it’s clean… the old one had a fairly nasty sanitycheck output… in fact, it was so long it died before it completed, oddly enough. At any rate, there are now a total of 3 errors, and 2 of those are “invalid email address” formats for the login name of 2 accounts. In other words, bugzilla has nothing to complain about. Of course, it took some very heavy (manual) SQL manipulation to correct most of those errors. But it’s done now.

The next step is a new maintainers database; right now it’s using the old one which is pretty… well.. fugly. A new one will need to be done, but that involves writing it completely from scratch, with backend scripts and whatnot as well. Anne hasn’t asked me to do it (yet), so we’ll leave things well enough alone until she does or someone else gets assigned to it.

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