I’ve been really busy with a few side jobs this week, as well as regular work for Mandriva (playing catchup from a few days in Drumheller (Alberta’s dinosaur capital) last week). However, last week I bought Guitar Hero II with the guitar controller when we got back from our little trip (my nephew had it out at my in-law’s and my wife was actually playing it (I looked around to see if hell had frozen over)). I had given it a try out there, but stunk pretty bad… an amusing game however.

Well… brought it home and really got into it. Had to move the PS2 out of my office or I’d get no work done with my wife wanting to play it during work hours. At any rate, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on it in the evenings over the last week.

I’ll freely admit that I’m addicted to Guitar Hero like a crack whore is addicted to crack. I don’t think I was ever this stoked over World of Warcraft or EverQuest (back in the day), or really any other game I’ve yet played. I think part of it is that it doesn’t feel like a game as much as others do… no keyboard, no game controller, just a plastic guitar with buttons and some pretty furious finger work.

I’m getting better… not the greatest yet (but hey, I’ve only had it for a week now)… I’m managing to pull off five stars on most songs on Easy mode (I’ve beat all 3 Guitar Hero games on Easy so far, working my way through Medium on Guitar Hero II now). I’ve gotten a couple four star ratings on Medium, but I’m mostly hitting three stars. Although I’m definitely getting better. =)

It’s not quite like playing a real guitar but close enough that my brother, who can play guitar and bass, picked it up quite quickly last night. Give him a week with the game and he’d likely be embarrassing the pants off me.

Having said that… what could be better than a game that has classic tunes like “Balls to the Wall”, “Shout at the Devil”, and “Holy Wars” as part of it’s line up? Ok, there’s some pretty bad songs on there too, but it’s pretty gratifying to be able to say that I can play along with Megadeth… =)

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