I had the opportunity to speak at the recent OpenShift Commons in Chicago that was an event that coincided with Kubecon in Chicago a few weeks back. I spoke about the Evolution of risk management in software which is a more reent talk that I’ve given a few times; the first time was at the Summit Connect NL in September.

A few technical difficulties aside, this was a great talk that resonated quite well with the audience, and I appreciate that later in the day and even when I was strolling around Kubecon the next day I got a lot of comments and discussions about it.

The basic premise is that patching everything is out-dated and expensive and while we’ve elevated and evolved our thinking about risk a lot over the last 20 years, for some reason we’ve not really changed our thinking when it comes to patches — and that can come at a significant cost.

I hope you find it interesting and useful! I’ve been working on a blog post that goes with it and has a lot more detail than I can give in a talk, but turns out it’s a bit too long to publish as-is on the web site, so it’ll likely be a 6-part blog series. I hope to be able to share that with you all soon.

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