And this week’s mac techmail is about one of my all-time favourite applications: Optimize your Mac experience with the LaunchBar multitasker. Launchbar is probably the first thing I install after the OS itself. I’ve been using it for years and can’t live without it. It actually makes me sad that my Linux desktops can’t have it, or even anything resembling it. I only wish the author could/would port it to Linux, and then I’d be in heaven. Until then, it has a happy place in my heart when I’m on the mac. He should have some kind of statistic that tells you how many times you invoke LaunchBar since it was installed (or even how many times today). I’d like to put numbers to just how much I use it. =)

I’m not sure I agree with the editorial change of the title on this tip though… LaunchBar isn’t a multitasker. Anyways, it was originally called “Enhance productivity with LaunchBar” which I think makes more sense.

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