There are far too many pictures taken of my recent trip, but since I’m being (graciously!) hounded by friends I figured I’d note when some of them were available so I’ve gotten the first few up, just of the Egypt part. The Israel part will take longer though as that is where the bulk of the trip was. I think these ones are a good sampling of the many pictures I took. I hope you enjoy!

As an aside, standing on the pyramids was pretty darn amazing, something I had never expected to do in my life. And the pictures of the cave church really don’t do justice to how amazing it was.

One downside of the trip is that I forgot the battery charger for my Nikon so took more pictures on my iPhone than I would have if I knew I could charge the battery for the Nikon. Miraculously, the battery did not die and made it to the end of the trip although that was because I was pretty disciplined with saving it for the scenic pictures.

Egypt 2018 album on Flickr

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