I think if the Egyptians had a plague of snow first instead of water turning into blood, those Israelites would have been let go right away.

We’ve had about two feet of snow since midnight last night (might have been later but that’s when I went to bed and there was no snowing going on). I’ve shovelled snow five times today. Heck, almost half my day has been spent shovelling snow. My back can’t take anymore of this… that last one almost laid me flat. Good thing my wife is in excellent shape… she’s been out three times already.

Last year we had something similar, but in April. Massive snow dump. I ended up manually shovelling my in-law’s driveway to their house on an acreage… couldn’t find keys to the snowblower and the jetta was stuck half-way down the driveway… no choice but to shovel my way out. That one damn near killed me too.

Anyways, took a few pictures and posted them on my flickr account. Here’s a good one:

If you look at the other pictures, there’s one of a table in my backyard. There was no snow on that table when I went to bed last night.

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