Well, only had to go down to the colo twice for this migration… =) Phoned the wife to check on it, reported all connections were good, so happily put stuff back, cleaned up the closet, etc. only to find when I got back home that I couldn’t connect anymore. I think unplugging the usb keyboard did something (the only explanation I can come up with). Stupid, because when I got back I connected and disconnected it a few times and nothing significant happened, but when I got there the machine was on but I had a completely blank screen. No idea what was happening, couldn’t ping, ssh, etc. Anyways, rebooted, did some checking, couldn’t find anything in the logs so put everything back, watched a bit (via ssh on the other box, I booted without the usb keyboard this time) and then phoned the wife to check on it after having put everything back, locked the closet, etc.

Moral of the story… put everything the way you intend to leave it before phoning the wife. Probably would have saved me a trip. Anyways, seems to have gone pretty good. A few little things I forgot and a few stupid things I did (FYI, mailman does not do well when on a partition mounted noexec!). I think I’ve got it all now tho.

I’ll do some benchmarking to see how much of an improvement it is, but I don’t think it’s going to be crazy significant… the other machine was an Athlon64 3200+ with 512MB RAM. The HDD bandwidth is better (SATA vs. PATA and I believe the drives are faster too and definitely have a bigger cache). The big bonus was the form-factor and the removable drives, but I expect performance to be up a bit too.

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