Last week’s techmail was Take advantage of full-featured Komodo IDE to boost productivity which looks at some of the cool features of Komodo that can help you get more out of the IDE. I’ve been using Komodo for years, and even though it is pay-to-play, it’s still my favourite IDE. In particular, I really like the fact that it has support for so many languages… I used to be a pretty big fan of Zend Studio, until they moved it over to Eclipse. Then I went back to Komodo. Of course, now that I’m doing more in python than PHP, I would have been using Komodo more anyways.

The tip looks at things like customizing the toolbox to get more snippets and commands in there (i.e. running pylint on the currently open file), looks at debugging support, changing the keybindings (need my vim keybindings!), and some of the add-ons you can install (since Komodo is based on Mozilla code, it is capable of using addons, just like Firefox or Thunderbird).

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