I’m in crunch mode right now… wrote 2400 words today, another 4300 to get back on target (need to write 1167 words per day to make the 50k target at the end of the month).

Not an excuse, really, but this was a stupid work week with stupid little things going on that totally distracted me and by the time I had some downtime, trying to be creative and imaginative were the last things I wanted (vegetative state, here I come!)

Anyways, aside from having to fix some electrical issues (lose wires in breaker box are not a good thing as my melted wires will attest to!), I’ve been able to write more today than anytime this week. And since there’s nothing decent on tonight, I hope to crank out those 4300 words tonight and then I can be sane and try to keep up.

Oh, for anyone interested in seeing some stats, my profile page on nanowrimo.org has my word counts as I update them.

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