This week’s TechMail is Two hours (and counting) with an upgrade to Fedora 11, in which I describe my initial experience with the upgrade of my laptop from Fedora 10 to Fedora 11. All-in-all, the upgrade was good and has worked great. I have no complaints, except for two little things: Parcellite seems a little weird (probably due to a misconfiguration though), and after I enabled the fingerprint scanner, if I ssh into my laptop and try to sudo it wants me to swipe my finger (which is a little difficult when I’m ssh’ing in from upstairs or outside). The Parcellite issue I can probably fix if I took the time, the sudo issue I’m not too sure of (although, truth be told, the fingerprint swiping novelty has pretty much already worn off so I may end up disabling that, particularly due to the sudo/ssh bit).

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