This week’s TechMail is Fedora 12 boasts enhanced performance, improved reporting, better graphics which is a great big gushy welcome to Constantine! The tip highlights some of my favourite new features in Fedora 12. I’ve been running the beta on my new HP machine for about a month now and I love it. Can’t wait to update my laptop to F12 (probably on the weekend… if I behave and can hold out that long).

Congrats Fedora developers, users, testers, QA guys, and the many many many other people I’m forgetting. I don’t mind saying that I used to hate Fedora, but I think I was biased with years of Mandriva and just plain old not being used to it. Now that I’ve used Fedora 10, 11, and now 12, I can honestly say that I’m a great big Fedora fan now (and, seriously, if you’re still reading my gushing and haven’t started downloading, get cracking because it’s worth it!)

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