Well, I bought a new computer about a month ago or so, and got my Win7 upgrade disc today. I’ve got Vista on one drive, and Fedora 12 on the other (Vista is around for gaming and that’s about it). So I decided to go through the steps of the Win7 upgrade. Well.. the HP assistant stuff was ok. Trying to upgrade Win7 though resulted in this error: “Windows Setup cannot find a location to store temporary installation files. To install Windows, make sure that a partition on your boot disk has at least 938 megabytes (MB) of free space.”

After booting into Clean Boot mode, same error. My Vista drive has 1TB of space, with about 800GB free. But… my boot drive is the other TB drive with Fedora 12 on it, and obviously Windows can’t write to it. Seems a little brain-dead that Windows wouldn’t write temporary files to it’s primary drive, doesn’t it? Going into the BIOS to change the boot drive from Fedora to Windows did the trick. Isn’t this OS supposed to be intelligent though?

Otherwise the upgrade was uneventful… mind you, the only apps I have installed are NWN2, D&D Online, Firefox, and Cygwin so I guess there’s not a lot to mess up in there. Pretty uneventful.

And it totally looks like Vista. I guess the visual enhancements must be really subtle.

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