Two new mac tips on TechRepublic… last week’s is Configure OS X for Kerberos single sign-on authentication which talks about how to configure Kerberos with OS X. This week the tip is Get to know Daylite CRM for Macs which talks about the Daylite contact management software for OS X.

Daylite is one of my most-used programs that I’ve been using for years on the mac. I absolutely love it. It gets me my contacts and calendar, and other assorted goodies, on my desktop, my laptop, and my iPhone. Multi-user, networked, allowing for offline databases that sync back to the online database… it’s expensive, but it’s pure goodness. Sure, it’s had it’s fair share of issues and I’ve had one catastrophe with it a few years ago, but I love it and use it daily. Highly recommended if you need something industrial strength and find that Address Book and iCal just don’t cut it.

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