I’m a little behind on putting up my recent articles for TechRepublic here, so I’m going to put them all in one post.

The first one is Use Getting Things GNOME to get things done which looks at Getting Things GNOME (GTG), a GTD application for GNOME. It’s pretty basic compared to other GTD apps I’ve played with, but that also gives it some extra appeal. If you’re looking for a good GTD app on Linux, you should look at GTG.

The second is Check out NX remote access for Linux and Solaris systems which looks at NoMachine’s NX, a remote desktop application that uses SSH for a transport mechanism. NX is wonderful; the only drawback is that the system you are connecting to needs to run Linux or Solaris. If that is what you need to connect to, NX is highly recommended; there are clients for Windows and OS X in addition to Linux and Solaris, so it’s great for connecting to remote Linux/Solaris servers or desktops.

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