The mac techmail from a few weeks ago was How to use CrashPlan for online backups, which looks at getting the CrashPlan client setup on OS X. CrashPlan is pretty neat: you can pay to store your backups on CrashPlan’s servers in the cloud, or you can use the client for free to backup to other computers that you own or belong to friends. I’ve got a few computers here, and my mom has one with more space than she knows what to do with, so setting up CrashPlan on three computers here and one remotely, I can use CrashPlan for free, which is great. Another bonus is CrashPlan is cross-platform, so I can run it on the two macs here, the mac at my mom’s, and the Fedora 14 workstation I’m running here as well. Works amazingly well, even considering that the mac in the kitchen and the one at my mom’s place aren’t constantly running like the other two are. If you’re looking for an easy way to do off-site backups, CrashPlan can do the job without costing you a cent.

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