This is the first post on my new blogging platform that I’ve written from scratch using Flask and Python. I’ve been using Drupal to host for quite some time (mostly for consulting client information) and have used WordPress for years on To be quite honest, I’m tired of Drupal, Wordpress, and PHP in general so I set out to try something new. I have been using Flask at work now for some applications and am really enjoying web applications written in Python using the Flask framework. I’m not a PHP expert by any means, but PHP lost it’s appeal for me many years ago when I got around to learning Python and now… Well, I just really don’t want to do anything in PHP anymore.

I’m also tired of updating Wordpress and Drupal and having to install poorly maintained and insecure modules in order to use that fraction of functionality that I want. I was working on a redesign of my church’s web site, written in Python, and decided to do the same for myself. So this is the fruit of that.

It’s by no means perfect and it has a lot of things missing (i.e. no comment support yet). I’m ok with the odd error 500 and things that go oops because it gives me a chance to learn and play with things outside of work, something that has been sorely lacking for quite some time. It also lets me play with things that I wouldn’t be doing in a work context, like fiddling with the Twitter and Flickr APIs and some other things that aren’t really required when you’re working on CVEs or OpenSCAP or internal dashboards, etc.

I’ve also taken this opportunity to migrate content from the blog to here (all of the documentation, which was previously on Mediawiki, has already been done… the blog entries themselves go back quite a few years so I’ll get around to going pre-2013 as I get to it). I guess this is the “great consolidation” of content into one place with one platform that I get to write from scratch.

So, apologies in advance if this is a bit rough around the edges. =)

As well, I won’t be restricting myself on what content I produce. Previous blogs and articles have been pretty much strictly tech-related, but while that’s still very interesting and important to me, my faith is even more important and that’s where a lot of my conversations these days lead so why not talk about it in an open forum? There are so many misconceptions about what true Christianity is, and so many people I talk to that have preconceived notions about “religion” and “faith” that, while my aim here is not to convert anyone, perhaps I can use this platform to at least educate or enlighten people. Instead of believing something without critically thinking about or considering it (the very same accusations typically tossed at Christians), maybe get to understand or know it a little bit better. This seems to be a fundamental flaw in society today. We all want to be understood but take very little time to bother to understand. This isn’t just my complaint in regards to Christianity, this is my complaint when it comes to Linux (how many people never give it a chance because they assume they know what it is and what it can and cannot due without ever even trying it?). This is the complaint that Muslims have when the majority assumes all Muslims are extremists. This is the complaint that members of the LGBTQ community have when many assume they are deviants. This is the complaint teenagers have when parents assume they understand what their kids are going through without even bothering to talk to them and actually listen to them. The list goes on.

This isn’t something specific to Christianity, or to “religion”. This affects all walks of life. And if you don’t take the time to try to understand, you’ll miss what the real truth is, and you’ll miss all kinds of opportunities. So, moving forward, I will attempt to do that for anyone who cares to understand what true discipleship looks like, and what James refers to as “true religion” which I firmly believe many so-called “Christians” today have either forgotten, or never learned to begin with.

(As an aside, this is the reason why I will not be syndicating content to Fedora Planet like I had with my old blog and as the content will vary widely from just Linux and would thus be inappropriate for Fedora Planet)

Let the journey begin!

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