I had asked on IRC the other day for info on how to send emails to bugzilla. Well, I found the actual specs for it on the bugzilla site. The documentation in the bugzilla tarball is a bit dated in this regard.

The only problem is that checksetup.pl is a little strict and keeps changing permissions on me. For me to use this with my own bugzilla, I need to either have exim run the script as either root or apache, or make the email_in.pl script mode 0755 (and a bunch of other files, like Bugzilla.pm) or else it can't execute it.

Making exim run the script as another user is doable, but not easily (without some checks to make sure that's the only file run as user apache, and not all pipe commands.

I find this a little irritating. Hmmm... I suppose I could write a wrapper script that calls the script via sudo. That might work. At any rate, there's the info on how to send bugzilla emails... now to just find a sane way to do it.