Today I got more work done on my sleeve, but I’d neglected to post (and even take!) pictures of the next-to-last session. So if you look at Flickr you’ll see the last bits I got done (the flaming cross and re-darkening the tribal Jesus), but not the stuff before that (which actually consisted of two sessions). I’m so bad for that.

Anyways, the pics don’t really do it justice as it’s a hard thing to take pictures of, but Ang tried. =) Pictures of Jesus’ hands holding a thawing heart are now on Flickr. This is probably my favourite but boy did it feel… interesting. I wondered why I had never felt a certain kind of pain before and after I looked at it I realized he had gone about an inch higher towards the armpit on the inner arm. That definitely explains it! Lots of crazy detail in this one, and some really cool shapes with bright yellow/orange/red colors that also use a lot of negative space.

You can view the slideshow starting here:

I was in for a bit and the sleeve from the elbow down is now fully done. Pics to come (I promise!) when the swelling has reduced as we did a bunch of grey-wash stuff but with the inflamed/red natural “I’m angry!” skin tone it doesn’t look like it will eventually, so probably next week I’ll put pics up.

Sorry to those who were waiting to see this. This stuff was all done last year. =(

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