I had the opportunity to attend the OSS Summit 2023 in Vancouver, BC. Probably the easiest conference I’ve ever attended, travel-wise, as it was about three hours door-to-door. Contrast that to Red Hat Summit in Boston, which is about 12 hours door-to-door.

The conference was great, I believe there were about 2,000 people in person. It was awesome to catch up with some folks I’ve not seen in a while (even ran into someone from SUSE who worked at Mandriva when I did; last time we met had to be around 16 years ago in Paris!). Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend too many talks, although I did attend a few at the OpenSSF day. My schedule was too busy and I was too busy talking with customers and partners.

I also had a few other obligations. I gave Red Hat’s keynote, which is typically given by Chris Wright, Red Hat’s CTO, but he was in Europe for something else and couldn’t make it. While not my first keynote ever, it was the largest stage thus far. Presumably it was well-received given some of the feedback I’ve gotten and you can watch the keynote here.

I also did an interview with theCube which was great. We talked about security and open source (what else?!) and it was a lot of fun. A great conversation, thanks for having me on!

Finally, I was on the Software Engineering Daily podcast talking about all kinds of things from secure software, secure supply chain, to open source in general.

All in all it was a great week and it was good to catch up with and reconnect with some folks I’ve not seen in a while.

EDIT: Added the link to the keynote and the podcast.

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